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Reaping & Sowing

The garden that we plant is the garden we reap. Have you ever heard that the thing you released into the universe will eventually return to its sender? Well, I’ve had the opportunity to see this in real time. I decided to plant a vegetable garden…it was one of the the best thing I’ve ever done. So many life lessons to be learned in the garden. No punt intended. I wish you could experience the feeling of grateful accomplishment at the site of my first fruitful bud. Then the full production of the planted vegetables. The seeds that was sown by my own hands. It has produced a harvest of the exact seeds that were sown. The order of God, the creator of the universe. The “LET THERE BE” of his WORD is still producing (the seed shall bring forth after its kind)! Just because of His WORD. Here’s that product of my sowing, planting, growing. Plant the best seeds and reap the best harvest…

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