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So Loved

Reflections of Life excerpt, Day 59

Todays Truth: Loving is motion, is proving, is caring, is Truth.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.

To L-O-V-E is not just a four letter word. It is a sacrifice!! It is a word that is moving towards someone. It is action, it is proof of your inner emotions. Love touches the very core of you. Love is not---until you have given it away. Unlike lust, love is everlasting. Release yourself to love. Release that prisoner called Love. Don’t lock it away with past hurts, wounds and disappointments. Sow the very thing you’ve been longing for—LOVE! Love will mimic and mirror itself. Love reciprocates. God so loved the world that he gave…He gave Himself to redeem His creation. Love unselfishly gave Love to buy back a people that knew nothing about Love (Him). Now, this is Love! Because of this unmerited love, His children are making themselves ready to share an eternity of Love with Him.

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