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Allotment of Time and No More!

Have you ever been standing in the checkout line in any establishment? You browse the store, shopping for the goods on your shopping list. At first glance the store may or may not be crowd, but by the time you make your final selection and head to the check counter, you notice just how crowed the store really is. The opened registers have lines that are reaching into the shopping isles. You say to yourself, “I chose the wrong day to go shopping”! But, did you really? Would you have experienced the same wait time on any other day?

As you are standing in that extremely long line, you notice that another cashier has opened her lane. You decide to scurry over into her line---YEAH! You exclaim, “It must be my lucky day” (for lack of a better word). As soon as you begin to celebrate and plan what you’re going to do with the time you saved by changing lanes. As fate would have it, the costumer ahead of you needs a price check. Ok, cool the price is confirmed, they checkout and leave the store. It’s only natural to glance over at the length of the line you abandoned. It’s moving without hiccups. You’re almost face to face with the cashier but, another person needs some kind of assistance before making their purchase. OMG! That time is fleeing… It’s not looking too good for you. Your first thoughts are, “I should have stayed in the longer line, at least it’s moving faster”! What happened to that time you tired to take in haste? Are you destined to your allotted time to wait in line?

You finally make it to the checkout! You notice the person who was behind you in your previous line is also at the check. Has this ever happened to you? What did you gain from being impatient or hasty? Is there a Truth to be learned from this? I’d say, most definitely! Allow me to express the lesson I took away. Here it is…Rather, I am standing in a checkout line, driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic or simply sitting around reading a book my measure/allotment of time on earth has been predetermined by the Master. It behooves me to make the best of my time. Because it seems to not matter how much I try to manipulate that time---it remains the same.

So, make the best of your allotment!


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