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Welcome to my super social spot. This spot was created to give access to my family and friends to be a part of my day to day activities. One of my current happenings is the publishing of my very first book. Boy, was this a task....I'll never again think that writers have it easy. It took me a year to focus to completion. And my manuscript was only 15,000 Thank God, I was blessed to have a fantastic writing consultant, Mirthell Bazemore. She helped me to get back on the journalistic wagon whenever I fell off (too many times to count).

Mirthell and I met about 10 years ago, as she was deciding to quit her job to become a writer. I nonchalantly said to her, “I'll look you up when I get ready to write my first book”. These very words found her 10 years later. She had written over 6 books and assisted several writers to realize their dreams. We reconnected via Facebook. Amazing, right?

My book project took on a life of its own. And here we are….My book is entitled "Reflections of Life, 60 Days of Inspirations". It was inspired by my truths that I would post daily on my social sites. Since the responses were so overwhelming, I decided to write a book to create a legacy of my thoughts and daily experiences. Thus, becoming my "Reflections of Life".

It is an interactive guide to your motivated readers and to prompt them to recall some memorable moments in their own lives. It is a casual conversation between myself and the reader concerning topics about life, love, friendship, forgiveness and much more. Occasionally the reader will be privy to my thoughts and conversation with the Father.

I hope that you enjoy reading and interacting with me for the next 60 days.

Happy New Year and Thank You for your support. Blessings.

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