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What are today's truths? They are flashes of inspirations from the Father. As I seek to please and love him more each day, I incline my ear to his mouth, and he with his mouth to my ear. Speak, Lord! I wake up each morning with an expectancy. I'm expecting to receive a little bit more of his spirit, a little bit more of his enlightenment, and a bit more of his truths as I circumcise my ear to hear my Father's voice. He speaks to my inward parts, to the deep recesses of my soul. He speaks to me at random times throughout the day and night ever so gently and delicately. These flutters of life moves me so deeply, moves me in a supernatural way-from one dimension to the next-to a place of security, a place of sheer hope and inspiration. It feels like I've been here before. Is it possible? This book came about when I decided to share my truths with my Facebook family and friends. To my surprise, I've gotten quite a few thanks and appreciation for sharing. These words spoke to them in the deep places of their everyday lives just as they do for me. Some of these daily truths are inspired by past and current events that have touched the core of me and will live forever in me. The Father is always speaking to his creation (you and I). We are often too busy to give him our attention. Have you tuned your spiritual ear to hear him? He loves us and has always instructed us how to navigate through this world. His word is truth and life-it lifts my soul and gives light to the path of my feet. One thing I know for sure! I cannot live without the breath of his spirit! I pray that you are moved to listen to the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit throughout the day. Write them down, meditate on them, and search the scripture to find the word that lines up with what you received of him. This book is by no means meant to replace the reading of the Holy Bible, but to inspire you to search the scriptures and to seek him the more. Blessings.

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