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"His word is truth and life-it lifts my soul and gives light to the path of my feet."

Meet Stephanie


Stephanie D. Burrell resides in California with her husband and their five children. She enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and volunteering in her community. Stephanie facilitates a weekly women's Bible study. She confesses that through worship, she finds her secret place with the Father-solace.

Inspirational Corner 


Join me on my adventures and listen to my stories. My blog is a place where my family, friends and fans can come and get regular inspiration. I'll be posting about my experiences and even motivating you all to want more out of your everyday lives.

Reflections of Life


What are today's truths? They are flashes of inspirations from the Father. As I seek to please and love him more each day, I incline my ear to his mouth, and he with his mouth to my ear. Speak, Lord! I wake up each morning with an expectancy. I'm expecting to receive a little bit more of his spirit, a little bit more of his enlightenment, and a bit more of his truths as I circumcise my ear to hear my Father's voice.

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